Where to buy cigarette balls and are they for you?

Did you know that although click cigarettes have been banned for several years, you can still benefit from flavored cigarettes? Recently, the so-called click the balls. Imagine that instead of buying a pack of your favorite cigarettes, then putting your favorite aroma into them and filling each filter. Then you click and it's ready! Additionally, if you are using flavor balls eg. Menthol.Click, you get over a dozen different flavors, including mango, blueberries or classic mint. In this aspect, you choose any variant of cigarette balls and enjoy your favorites. Only traditional menthol was available for sale as standard. Thanks flavor balls you can light a cigarette with a coconut aftertaste or even frosty mint, which is reminiscent of Vesta Ice. There is a reason why click balls are a real trend on the market. Do you know where to buy them? Are flavor balls a topic worth getting interested in? Find out in this article!


Do cigarette balls replace flavored cigarettes?

Absolutely! They are an excellent and the only alternative for smokers. It is currently not legally possible to buy cigarettes with the taste of menthol, for example. This is a particular problem for heavy smokers who simply cannot smoke standardized smoking. Cigarettes clicked they were the only form of nicotine for them. Therefore, in this situation it is difficult to switch, for example, from West Ice to red Marlboros. Anyway, no wonder, because menthol cigarettes they gave a certain freshness, and the standard ones are for connoisseurs. They will work perfectly here click the balls with mint flavor. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that flavor balls can also be applied to Heets. The balls will thus expand the limited range of flavors available in Heetsach.

Will cigarette balls replace the flavor of menthol cigarettes?

In the case of flavor balls, the taste is definitely more intense, and that's enough click the ballso that the whole thing always tastes just as good. For example, competition for flavor balls are flavored liners. Unfortunately, in their case, the taste fades over time, and therefore only a week is enough for the cigarettes to lose aroma declared on the insert. Taste balls however, they do not lose their properties until their surface is broken

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

If you want to change the taste of your cigarette or heets, check out our wide selection of flavor balls that will give your heets a whole new flavor! We offer 20 flavors!

Are cigarette flavor balls better than cigarette liners?

Definitely yes! This is mainly due to the issue of product quality in relation to price. Flavored inserts allow you to provide a cigarette packet with a mint, menthol or occasional mango or berry aroma for a week. Unfortunately, they have an extremely limited effect and lose their taste after a few days. This means that they emit their aromatic scent for just shorter time. Flavor balls for cigarettes in turn, they are cheaper, because filling one cigarette costs a few pennies. In turn, the purchase of one insert starts from two zlotys. It is worth taking an interest in this regard click the balls, which additionally, for example, are offered by Mentol.Click, are available in a wide range of flavors.

Can I use flavor balls in Heetsach?

Why not? Heets can now be purchased in several colors. However, adding Heets flavor ball you can give them any of several flavors. For example, in the offer Menthol.Click more than a dozen variants are available click the ballsthat automatically translate into a completely new smoking experience. Although this expression does not suit nature Heetsbecause these do not burn tobacco, but only heat it up. In practice, they are definitely the healthier version menthol cigarettes. If, on the other hand, we add to Heets a ball, then we can enjoy freshness without worrying about health. Heets with a ball allow you to go back a bit to the old days, when L&M Forward were still on sale, and the break from work was invigorated by Westy Ice. The producers allow, however Heets with a ball with flavor menthol be mint. This is because IQOS do not want to risk the interest of state authorities that penalize all flavors of tobacco products. Interestingly, in the east, you can still buy, for example, heets with a ball with a berry flavor.

Where to buy cigarette flavor balls?

Our company provides access to a wide range of flavors through distribution channels on Allegro, as well as through a branded online store. You can choose from products with different amounts and flavors, and it is also available on offer applicator for flavor ballsthanks to which you can fill your package with your favorite aroma in just a quarter of an hour. Are flavor balls expensive? Not! You only need to add a dozen or so pennies to each pack of cigarettes. Is that a lot? The only thing you have to pay for is a little bit of your time. During the application flavor balls for cigarettes you can watch your favorite movie on youtube or read the morning newspaper. All you need to do is spend less than fifteen minutes on it, and you will enjoy the package for the rest of the day.

Let the cigarette taste like it used to be! 馃檪

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