Where to buy cigarette flavor balls abroad?

The ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes has been in force since 2016, but it was not implemented until May 20, 2020. The directive on the part of the European Union limited the possibility of selling not only menthol cigarettes, but also all types of cigarettes and tobacco with flavors other than traditional ones. In practice, it is also about click cigarettes and articles typically intended for smoking.


Unfortunately just menthol cigarettes they were most affected, as they were the main benefits of smokers. Not everyone is an enthusiast of traditional Marlboro. Compared to other flavored versions, menthol cigarettes they were selling by far the most. What does it look like abroad? It's hard to buy in Poland click ball cigarettes, however, how is it outside our country? Will we buy anywhere else in the EU? tasting ball cigarettes? Find out more in this article!

How does the European Union discourage smoking?

What we apply in practice has already been introduced in 2014. The Tobacco Products Directive aims to discourage, in particular, young people from embarking on their adventure with cigarettes. Menthol in a way, they were a brilliant way to get started. At the outset, this warrant was based on the principle of affixing health warnings on the front and back of the cigarette box. While they are daunting and cover at least 65% of the surface of the package, they have never been effective. That is why it has been impossible to buy for almost 2 years of cigarettes with a flavor ball. Today, the written warnings are still present, with the words "Smoking Kills!" when accompanied by photos, they scare away, but young people still smoke when they smoked. Why? Due to the fact that the market has found numerous workarounds.

Can you still afford cigarettes with a ball in the EU?

Unfortunately not. If you are not a fan of HEETS with a ballit is in the Netherlands that many smokers stocked up huge stocks of menthol cigarettes. Perhaps you will buy a few pieces from them for a few hundred zlotys. However, for example in Switzerland, sales menthol cigarettes still allowed. So you can go and make a mini stock. However, such a dream will never be possible to come true as we export more than one or two parcels menthol cigarettes will be impossible. Otherwise transport cigarette with a ball or flavored will be treated as contraband. The percentage of smokers decreased from almost 35% to 28% between 2002 and 2012. However, all premature deaths are still close to 700 annually in EU countries. Was the directive correct then?

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Where can I buy flavored cigarettes abroad?

Apart from Switzerland, it will be difficult to buy tobacco products for smoking in the EU click the ball, and even menthol cigarettes. In this case, unfortunately, one has to leave the territory of the Community countries. In any case, you don't necessarily have to go too far. For example, Macedonia, right next to Greece, still sells many kinds cigarette with a ballas well as traditional ones, not only at low prices, but also 100% legal.

If I can't buy flavored cigarettes, where can I get a few balls in Poland?

You can just open a browser and try it cigarette balls Menthol.Click. The brand provides access to not only many flavors, but also a universal applicator for flavor balls. The purchase can be made with the help of distribution channels on Allegro, as well as through a branded online store. From a wide range of products, you can choose not only your favorite flavor, but also quantity click the balls in the package. Applicator for flavor balls Menthol.Click allows you to fill any package with your favorite aroma in just a quarter of an hour.

Czy flavor balls so they are expensive? Contrary to the flavoring inserts - definitely not! You only add a dozen or so pennies to each pack of cigarettes. Is that a lot? Answer yourself, when you pay at least PLN 2 for the insert. The only cost will be a bit of your time if you don't have a flavor ball applicator.

Heets with a ball as a legal alternative to menthol cigarettes?

Menthol cigarettes were number one on the directive's list of authors. Research shows that their mild taste encouraged smoking. The share of menthol cigarettes in the EU market increased to almost 2001% in the period 2014-5, and in the case of Eastern European countries this ratio was even higher. Ban on menthol cigarettes in turn, it only slightly changed customer preferences. For example click the balls have been replaced by electronic cigarettes, and in particular by HEETS with a ball. Why? Due to the fact that they are still legally available for sale. The most interesting circumvention of the regulations concerns HEETS with a ballbecause these are not intended for smoking in accordance with the provisions of the Act, but only for heating, which in no way violates the provisions. However, what's interesting HEETS with a ball are available in Ukraine in the blueberry variant, not available in the EU.

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