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Applicator / Nabijarka for cigarette flavor balls



The applicator is a convenient and handy device, thanks to which you can quickly apply the flavoring ball to the cigarette. It is a must-have for every smoker and user of flavoring balls.

The applicator has a special adapter for thin and thick cigarettes, which makes it universal and suitable for all consumers.


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Flavor ball dispenser Applicator for flavor balls

The latest and improved version of the Applicator ensures reliability and longer durability with repeated refilling.

After refilling in the applicator holds over 100 ballswhich is enough to make up the minimum FIVE packs of cigarettes.

There are no balls in the applicator, in order to buy balls, please check our other offers or purchase a package with a discount.

The applicator has a special adapter for thin and thick cigarettes, which makes it universal and suitable for all consumers.

If you use cigarette balls - this is it a complete must-have! Check how you can make it easier for yourself to punch your favorite flavors!

Cigarette ball filler / Cigarette ball filler / Cigarette ball applicator / Cigarette ball applicator

Flavor balls for cigarettes are an excellent choice for people who like fresh taste.

After applying and crushing the capsule, you can clearly feel the unique aroma known from old cigarettes, which remains until the very end.
This innovative product - flavor balls - is the market response to the recall of flavored tobacco and menthol cigarettes, in which the flavor of the ball added a fresh aroma.

Cigarette balls are the perfect choice for smokers who want a taste of old clicked cigarettes - and never get frustrated with toothpicks anymore!

You are buying a tested, proven and safe product that has a quality certificate.

Flavoring balls are made of natural flavors protected by a safe gelatin casing.

The capsules are packed in a convenient and handy packaging that makes it easy to pour the balls into our dedicated applicator. 

Flavored tobacco and cigarette balls - what are they?

Flavor balls for cigarettes - made of ingredients that are safe for the body. They contain the natural aroma of fresh mint, which is closed in a silicone capsule. The same method was used in the production of flavored cigarettes, which were withdrawn from sale in May 2020. The difference is that you now have to apply the flavor ball to the filter yourself. The same applies to rolling cigarettes made of cut and tobacco.

Taste balls - how to apply to cigarettes with an applicator?

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Flavored capsules for cigarettes - distinct flavor

The taste that we get after crushing the ball inside the filter is of completely natural origin. It does not irritate the respiratory tract and does not have a negative effect on it. Taste balls are based on the same technology that produced cigarettes, the so-called clicks. The mint aroma contained in the capsule spreads over the fibers of the cigarette filter, making the smoke drawn into the lungs acquiring a distinctly fresh aroma.

4 reviews for Applicator / Nabijarka for cigarette flavor balls

  1. bs -

    Great equipment that makes it easier to insert the balls, I recommend to everyone much better than cutters

  2. Łukasz -

    A very useful product, quite well made. Much better and more convenient than toothpicks.

  3. smoker -

    Facilitates ball application, very efficient and intuitive. It also works with slim which is a great +

  4. Martyn -

    Cool thing. I recommend to everyone


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