Menthol cigarette inserts or a few balls - what to choose?

The decision seems simple right? We choose option 1, because you just need to insert the selected one menthol cartridge for cigarettes, wait a while and you're done! In practice, however, they are definitely the more effective choice click the balls. Do you still remember the characteristic aroma of LM Forward or West ICE? Surely! What would you say if you can enjoy their menthol aftertaste again? Just invest in flavor balls for cigarettes. They allow for an identical, or even much better effect than the mentholes withdrawn in mid-2021. Is buying menthol inserts worth the money? It depends. Find out more here!

Flavored cigarette balls in practice

Everything depends on your individual preferences. If you don't like wasting too much time on the application flavor balls for cigarettesthen you can buy an insert. The decisive disadvantage of the solution, however, is its efficiency. Menthol refills for cigarettes are very quickly exploited. A week in a package is enough to leave no trace of the characteristic aroma. Therefore, a simple one is definitely the better choice flavor ball for cigarettes. But what about the fact that it is necessary to take the time to put them in each filter separately? Nothing hard. All you need to do is buy the right device that will do it for us!

Menthol refills for cigarettes versus applicator and balls

If you had to punch each one separately with a toothpick, you can actually be tempted to buy inserts. It is just much easier. In practice, however, if you have an applicator at your disposal that will do everything for you in a few moments, it is better not to choose flavor balls for cigarettes? Definitely! You only need a few moments to provide yourself with access to a package at a low price, which does not lose its taste over time. You can use it at any time click the ball and enjoy the same aftertaste. In the case of menthol inserts for cigarettes after a week, there will be no trace of the mint left. Therefore, the choice in this aspect seems quite simple. Now the question is, where to buy the right applicator?

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

If you want to change the taste of your cigarette or heets, check out our wide selection of flavor balls that will give your heets a whole new flavor! We offer 20 flavors!

Test the flavor ball applicator from menthol click

The solution seems extremely practical. If you don't like monotonous punching flavor cigarette balls, the applicator will do it for you. You don't waste time and you get something not only cheaper than menthol inserts for cigarettesbut you also save money. In a simple calculation, filling the entire package with BBs costs less than PLN 2. So is it worth it? Definitely! You gain freshness that is just waiting for you inside. Click the balls. 

Thanks to the device, the application is fast and extremely pleasant. You open the flap, pour all the balls from the package into it, then put in a cigarette and click. In fact, it will take you a few minutes to load the entire package. Less than you could weigh the pros and cons in your head. It is best to buy an applicator from a proven manufacturer. Menthol click offers an interesting model that is available for about PLN 30. You can also buy extremely cheap and extremely tasty balls in the brand's store. The company offers a dozen or so flavors that are available at a low price by market standards. 

Try cigarette flavor balls as an alternative to liners

If you've never tried a click of balls, maybe now is the time? Why is it worth it? The biggest advantage is that they reduce the unpleasant smell from smoking. To what extent? Try it once and definitely stick with the flavor balls. Cigarettes can become a really incomparably different experience thanks to them. Try fancy aromas like coconut or mango. They dramatically change the sensory impressions of each inhalation. Banana balls are also a very interesting product, which enrich each puff of smoke with a different experience. Plus, if you have IQOS, that's all flavor balls for cigarettes are 100% compatible with HEETS. You can put them inside the cartridge and enjoy a different aroma. You will do so with a cigarette insert? Not. However, the decision remains on your side! It's best if you try both solutions and match them to your individual preferences.