HEETS and flavor balls as an alternative to standard cigarettes?

Did you know that you can reduce the unpleasantness of smoking? In most cases, the biggest downside to smoking is the smell. Tobacco can soak through our clothes and can be felt on the breath. Recently, however, standard cigarettes began to slowly replace the trend HEETSthat change flavors from smoking and also reduce the characteristic aroma. Everything, however, thanks to IQOS, which started the whole trend. A completely different issue is also popular recently flavor ballswhich more and more often find a wide range of customers on the market. Why is it worth being interested in them? Whether flavors offered by HEETS CLICKED are they worth the money? Find out more in this article!

Flavor balls for IQOS?

Menthol cigarettes have been withdrawn from sale for some time. Distribution was banned due to legal issues. In this way, the European Union is trying to fight tobacco addiction. Fewer people lean towards traditional cigarettes. The taste of tobacco does not suit everyone. But what about those who smoke already? As you know, it's impossible to quit overnight. Well, the solution here is to use two options. One is the recently popular IQOS that it uses flavor balls or popular HEETS flavors. In the first option, you simply buy a HEETS pack and punch them click the balls. However, manufacturers also offer ready-made products with built-in HEETS clicked. How does the solution work in practice?

HEETS clicked and cigarette flavor balls

It turns out that both of these solutions work perfectly well. A few minutes is enough to load a package or even less if we buy it ready HEETS CLICKED. Thanks to this, you can easily access menthol cigarettes. You are celebrating the ban that will apply from May 20, 2020. Regarding HEETS flavorscompared to traditional menthol ones, they fare much better! Why? Due to that flavor balls for cigarettes stay fresh longer. Just click and you get the full flavor right away. However, in the case of e.g. cigarette cartridges very often these lose their properties over time. The composition of HEETS cartridges is of interest to every IQOS user. How does this fit in terms of harm and health effects? 

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

If you want to change the taste of your cigarette or heets, check out our wide selection of flavor balls that will give your heets a whole new flavor! We offer 20 flavors!

How do flavor HEETS and click balls affect health?

Interestingly, many studies have shown that HEETS is much less harmful than normal cigarettes. Of course, in every case there is nicotine addiction, but in the case of HEETS, the mass of harmful factors in the smoke is excluded. If you are in doubt about safety, it is better to quit smoking. Staying with cigarettes is never a good option. However, if you want to make throwing a little easier, definitely HEETS CLICKED will be a better alternative than a pack of standard cigarettes. 

Is it worth switching from standard HEETS to flavored?

It all depends on your individual preferences! Remember that HEETS have their own specificity. You can choose for yourself which flavor you are most interested in. However, if none of them suits you, you can always use cigarette flavor balls, which are available in a wide range of flavors. For example, menthol click has a dozen or so in its offer. Have you ever smoked cigarettes or HEETS CLICKED with a coconut or mango flavor? Not? Therefore, you might want to try custom versions. They allow you to get a little more pleasure from each cigarette, regardless of the time of day.

Why is it worth switching to HEETS with a click?

It is very easy. First of all, for the sake of health. It is better to invest flavor balls for iqos and HEETS than to smoke standard cigarettes. This way you reduce the amount of harmful substances in the smoke by at least half. It is worth mentioning that HEETS is not burned, but only heated, thanks to which the taste and nicotine enter your body through the steam. It cannot be said that it is 100% healthy, but it is much better to use something slightly safer and tasty at the same time. Truth?

Are you ready to try our flavor balls?