Cigarette flavor balls versus cigarette liners

Along with the ban on the sale of tobacco products with the aroma of mint and menthol, cigarette inserts appeared on the market. They allow you to give any cigarette a mint flavor, or even a watermelon or mango flavor. However, they have an extremely limited effect and give off their fragrance for a shorter period of time. In this respect, they are definitely a worse solution than flavor balls for cigarettes. In this regard, it is worth taking an interest in what Mentol.Click has to offer. The brand provides access to high-class cigarette balls in a wide range of flavors.


Is it worth investing in cigarette balls and where to buy them?

Recently click the balls are a real trend on the market. And with good reason, as they sell very well when all flavored cigarettes have been withdrawn from sale since last year. In practice, most smokers were left with no choice. What does it mean? In practice, they were left to quit or adapt to classic smoking. However, over time, an alternative appeared on the market in the form of cigarette balls. Currently, it is the only solution at a time when click cigarettes have been banned for a year. Where to buy flavor balls? Find out right here!


Why are cigarette balls a sales hit?

For a fairly simple reason. They are the only alternative for smokers who could not imagine a day without the aftertaste of menthol. Unfortunately, the truth is also that some people just can't smoke normal ones. Cigarettes clicked they were the only digestible form of nicotine for them. Anyway, no wonder, because menthol cigarettes they gave a certain freshness and a bit of refreshment during a hard working day or in stressful situations. Currently, however, only standard tobacco is available for sale, as well as cigarettes without click the balls.

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

If you want to change the taste of your cigarette or heets, check out our wide selection of flavor balls that will give your heets a whole new flavor! We offer 20 flavors!

Heets alternative to menthol cigarettes?

However, not really, because Heets do not burn tobacco, but only heat it to the right temperature. In practice, therefore, they are definitely a healthier alternative to menthol cigarettes. Heets with a ball because they allow you to return to the old times, when LM Forward reigned among click cigarettes. And for good reason. However, these are available in limited flavors not exceeding the standard mint and menthol. This is primarily due to the fact that manufacturers Heets menthol and IQOS do not want to risk the interest of the authorities. Interestingly, outside of Europe, you can buy, among others, heets with a ball berry.


Menthol.Click cigarette balls

The company provides access to a wide range of flavors. Additionally, you can choose from products of various quantities. Is the purchase expensive? Imagine that you only have to add a few pennies to each pack of cigarettes. Is that a lot? Not. All you need to do is spend a little bit of time punching and inserting the filters flavor balls for cigarettes. In addition, the possibilities do not end there, because the Mentol.Click assortment also includes a well-thought-out applicator for cigarette balls.


Mentol.Click cigarette ball applicator

The solution is perfect if you prefer to saturate a packet of cigarettes with your favorite flavor in less than a quarter of an hour. Applicator for cigarette flavor balls is a branded solution that will automate the entire process. All you have to do is pour it in flavor balls to the inside, then attach the device to the filter, click and it's ready! In addition, the applicator is also adapted to slim cigarettes. You can comfortably enjoy your favorite flavor without cigarette liners. Freshness and refreshment at any time! Anyway, check for yourself how it looks in practice!


Is it worth considering the purchase of flavor balls for cigarettes now?

Definitely yes, especially if you don't like the standard tobacco aftertaste. If you are one of those smokers who started their adventure with tobacco cigarettes, then you should think about everything, including flavor balls for cigarettes. Even if you purchased IQOS and switched to Menthol heets, sometimes click the ball can change a lot! You can enjoy virtually any flavor directly from the Mentol.Click offer. Test it yourself and you will be amazed how much can be hidden in a simple filter ball.


Buy and sell cigarette balls wholesale

Mentol.Click has a very interesting business model. You can easily become an affiliate! If you don't know where to buy cigarette flavor balls, then you can become just such a place in your city! Enter cigarette balls to your assortment to boost your sales! You certainly won't regret it. You will raise the volume and you will not have to worry about falling profits. Flavor balls for cigarettes are a real trend on the market, and the interest does not decrease due to the very high demand for this type of products. Attract new customers and gain a wide range with your sales cigarette balls Menthol.Click!

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