Do you know why you should buy an applicator for flavor balls?

For several years, menthol and flavored cigarettes have not been available for sale. This is due to quite restrictive changes to European law, and thus also to Polish law. No wonder, as it is assumed that the number of smokers will be kept to a minimum. All cigarettes with a click has been withdrawn from circulation and is now forbidden to continue trading. In this aspect, smokers have found a completely new way to spice up the flavor flowing from each packet. If you do not like the taste of traditional tobacco, you can test it Heets with a ball or buy a special flavor balls for cigarettes. They constitute a completely new trend among consumers. However, many people are not convinced to do so click the balls because everyone cigarette must be loaded separately a flavor ball. There is, however, a way to automate the entire process and limit it to just a few moments. What? Find out in this article!

How much does a cigarette ball applicator cost and what does it give?

In practice, only PLN 30 is enough to enjoy the universal one applicator for cigarette balls. Extremely high demand for flavor balls for cigarettes generates the need to sell such devices. Why? Due to the fact that many people think that the application flavor balls for cigarettes be Heets balls takes quite a long time. Nothing could be more wrong. The normal way to fill the filters for an entire package is over twenty minutes. Thanks in turn an applicator for flavor balls You will fill the package in about 3-5 minutes. Personally - we fill a cigarette on a regular basis just before smoking - and we always carry the applicator with us. The application of one cigarette ball takes only a few seconds. Additionally balls for Heets can be easily applied thanks to such a device. How? For example brand applicator has a replaceable tip for thin and thick cigarettes and can hold up to 100 balls, and will serve at least a good few months. For instruction and seeing the product "in action", please visit the website INSTRUCTION. Trend on click the balls It started a few years ago and is still at its best today. Flavor balls for cigarettes is a niche on the market that works perfectly well among enthusiasts click cigarettes i menthol cigaretteswhich are no longer available for sale today. Cigarette balls however, they have competition in the form of cigarette inserts ..

Is it worth buying cigarette inserts instead of clicking balls?

Most of the time, customers only look at the overall price. If something is cheaper, this is what I will choose. For this reason, it is extremely strange that the purchase of 50 pieces, which is enough for at least two packs, and each cigarette will cost only a few pennies each. On the other hand cigarette liners they have one particular problem, which is price, and then their effectiveness. They cost 2 zlotys and more, and after unpacking, they emit a characteristic aroma for only a few days. If you are a occasional smoker or you just lost a packet somewhere for a week then you will find it after that time cigarette insert it will completely lose its flavor. Whereas cigarette balls they always taste the same, just click once to enjoy the fresh aroma regardless of time and place.

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

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Does the cigarette ball applicator fit Heets?

Not necessarily, because you need to match the version of the applicator to the filter. In case of applicator for flavor balls Menthol.Click can be used so-called mini applicator for Heets. Flavor balls for cigarettes in this case, they allow you to diversify the experience of virtually every single puff of a pair. Choice between click the balls, the HEETS menthol so it is obvious. If with a ball, then only in a different taste, e.g. blueberry with mint or watermelon with mint. Menthol.Click. The difference between smoking menthol cigarettesand a pair with HEETS with a ball is that IQOS devices only heat the tobacco. This makes them much more beneficial from a health perspective.

There are only a few different aromas available for sale, so it is good to enrich them with a few balls, e.g. from the Mentol.Clock offer, which provides access to a wide range of flavors such as mango and even coconut. Additionally, when ordering five packs of e.g. mint flavor, 100 balls each, you get 5 mini-applicators suitable for filling Heets.

Are click balls worse for Heets than for standard cigarettes?

No, because it's the same product. Taste at heets with a ball is different than flavor balls for cigarettes. In no way better or worse, just different, which certainly gains a large group of both supporters and opponents. Certainly, the lack of an unpleasant smell is a plus, but this one can also be covered with appropriate ones flavor balls for cigarettes. Applying a selected brand product to the filter allows you to change the aroma to, for example, traditional menthol or even fancy forest fruits. It all depends only on your preferences. In addition, the pleasant smell of cigarette smoke is not masked for everyone. Which company should you choose?

Is it worth buying Mentol.Click cigarette balls?

Our company provides access to a wide range of flavors through distribution channels on Allegro, as well as through a branded online store. You can choose from products with different amounts and flavors, and it is also available on offer applicator for flavor ballsthanks to which you can fill your package with your favorite aroma in just a few minutes. Are flavor balls expensive? Not! For each pack of cigarettes you have to add just a dozen or so groszy, in addition, if you choose a set, for example, 1000 pcs for 100 pcs, less than PLN 7.00, it gives 7 groszy for one flavored cigarette. Is that a lot? The only cost you have to include is a little bit of your time. During the application flavor balls for cigarettes you can watch your favorite movie on YouTube or read the morning press. All you need to do is spend less than fifteen minutes on it, and you will enjoy the package for the rest of the day.

Let the cigarette taste like it used to be! 🙂

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