Cigarette balls - a replacement for popular click cigarettes

As of mid-2020, the popular roll-on cigarettes were banned. This also applies to various types of menthol tobacco, as well as the menthol cigarettes themselves. Who among us did not prefer a slightly more varied taste of tobacco? Unfortunately, not everyone likes the traditional taste of tobacco products. For this reason, many people used, for example, those equipped with click ball. Currently neither menthol nor clicky can be distributed. But we found a way to do that as well. What? Find out more here!

What to do if you want menthol - flavor balls!

You can no longer buy cigarettes with a click in any store. We can buy only the flavor capsule. Flavoring balls for cigarettes is a real boom in the market in the industry. They are, in a sense, a niche that fills the gray area of ​​legal restrictions introduced in May last year. For this reason, every effort flavor balls for cigarettes to hurt and is sold in huge amounts. If you remember LM Forward with click the ball be West ICE, you know exactly what's going on. In addition, we do not mention the excellent Marlboro Ice Blast, which stayed in our taste buds for a long time. You will not buy any of them in Poland anymore. However, you can test how they work flavor balls for cigarettes. Do you know where to buy them? Not? Check in our store!


Test the different flavors of cigarette flavor balls

Menthol click provides access to a wide range of products in various flavors! One ball is enough for one cigarette, but it offers filter loading for a few pennies. It is cheaper than liners, and at the same time definitely more tasty! Cigarette inserts have a limited lifetime. If you open a ready-made package, you will not feel its aroma after a week. In practice, through us, you will receive products containing 100 pieces or even more. Thus, at a price cheaper than each insert, you will load the entire package in a few minutes. In addition, you can take advantage of a much wider range of flavors than any company that sells cigarette inserts. Why is it worth using ours? Find out right here!

Our flavor balls for Heets and cigarettes

If you want to change the taste of your cigarette or heets, check out our wide selection of flavor balls that will give your heets a whole new flavor! We offer 20 flavors!

Check out a completely new concept of flavor - cigarette flavoring balls

First of all, we have one of the most extensive offers available on the market. Have you ever tried a refreshing coconut or a delicious mango? Not? So the solution is before you. We have over a dozen different flavors flavored balls for cigarettes w wholesale. We stand in complete opposition to the popular ones recently cigarette liners. Why? For a simple reason, marbles are definitely a better choice. They stay fresh longer, and are also much cheaper if the insert costs PLN 3, and filling the whole pack with flavor balls, e.g. a dozen groszy for a cigarette.

Why are cigarette liners worse than flavor balls?

The insert only works for a limited period of time. However, its flavor for cigarettes is very short. If you open its packaging, you can be aware that it will lose its properties within a week. Its aroma is weaker with each passing moment. Whereas cigarette balls only and exclusively when their surface is broken. A few balls and it's ready! Until then, they remain 100% fresh. For each package, you can additionally purchase a special applicator that allows you to enjoy the perfect one in just a few minutes the taste of the balls. It allows you to gently pierce the filter in the cigarette and then place the ball there. You pour the entire packet into it, and then just stick it to the end of the cigarette. Simple and not very engaging, right? placing the ball inside. You can decide when you want to smoke at any time, and the taste will be just as intense each time.

A wide range of possibilities thanks to flavored balls


Flavor balls for cigarettes in our store they are available in many different flavors. If you are a fan of the classics, all you need to do is choose menthol. But who forbids you to try more fancy flavors like vanilla or blueberry? Everything in this aspect depends only on your needs and preferences. In 2021 you can still enjoy menthol cigarettes! Put the possibilities behind you in practice flavored balls! Plus, if you prefer HEETS, you don't lose anything! All you have to do is apply the indicated flavor to the inside of the filter and it's ready!